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From ancient times
There has been a knowledge of the way
An art of transformation of the flesh and spirit
Like a serpent it has twisted
Hidden beneath the skin of society
All have known of its presence
Many have feared it
Fearing their own power
The few who have lived it
Mastered their lives
Mastering the world

The ancient knowledge is the energetic nature of the world
The spiral of death and rebirth that all move within and through
Four stages with one great power at centre
Nine steps of transformation
The alchemy of transmutation

There is one world
Your eye within your body
Here you create and change your world

There is one way
The Via
The cycle of the natural world
The spiral within the seasons and the tides
The path of plant, animal and star
Once all that is human is one with the way
All that is human is mastered
All that is lived is divine

To master the body
Is to master the spirit
To master the spirit
Is to master the earth

The mastery of the way
The mastery of the skill

ADEPTUS is the discipline of the four skills. The powers of:

Life Mastery element Earth

Earth – the stance

Life Mastery element Air

Air – the agility

Life Mastery element water

Water – the flow

Life Mastery element Fire

Fire – the energy

The four powers are developed in all areas of physical life
Through the flesh and spirit to a base of physical and internal adeptship
Opening the way to a mastery of life
In beauty and power

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The Mastery of Movement

The art of mars The craft of primal boxing Fencing with the empty hand Is an ancient combative alchemy Evolving from the ancient weapons traditions Traveling and being reborn through Renaissance sword and dagger Each technique can be seen as a primal weapon That...

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The Wisdom of the Warrior – The Philosophy of the Fist

The philosophical fist is the wisdom of the warrior A consciousness of harmonious conflict Founded in the knowledge of the perfection of all flow When situated within stance and balance The balance of the mind within the body The balance of the body reflective of the...

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The Pure Spirit is Full of the Many

All who have lived Are within us all The pure spirit Is full of the many The modern man Tries to destroy The primitive soul within him But the most primitive is pure It will destroy him from within To lovingly return him to the earth To return again Reborn As the...

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The Posture of Power

The earth you stand upon is your foundation It nourishes you Supports you Brings you to your balance Your personal foundation Is the earth of your actions The soil of corrected consciousness Repeated patterns of power Build fertile earth Your reputation is the sum of...

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Drawing the Sword

The master warrior Does not think All thought moves Through action The key responses to both adversity and harmony Are developed in the nature of discipline There is never a reaction Only a response The powerful are truly responsible To master the moment Develop your...

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The Voice of The Mountain

In vast vision High upon the mountain top I called to those below I spoke of a world that none could see In great vivid detail I painted the form But lurid eyes could not see beyond the norm In deep descriptive detail I invoked the earthbound to climb In frozen...

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I Know You Within Me

Upon the deep journey to the centre The centre of my being My eyes opened to the darkness It became a mirror An obsidian eye In which to see all within me As fear dissolved within knowing The eye became clear I saw you within I The eye evolved As the I dissolved In...

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The Dance

The Dance A meditation of balance The art of harmony The principle of moving stance **************************** I fall In falling I find The balance Within all places I have fallen With grace I have risen Like a sun upon the water I find comfort in strange places...

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All In All

It is all or nothing That is the nature of all All is contained within the one The one is all This world is one of natural completion You have no choice but to change The true choice is how you change Will you change in consciousness Or will you change in eternal...

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The Spirit Is The Flesh

The hand of lore is the head of a serpent It resides coiled within the earth Within the blood It is known as mastery Only within the flesh The wisdom of movement In dance and combative arts is a microcosm of the universe The daily earthy movements of life are returned...

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Self Mastery with Magister Daire

Magister Daire Russell is master of ancient esoteric tradition
Knowledge and wisdom of the way
The art of physical and energetic transformation
The alchemy of the mind and body is his life’s work
Magister of the ancient wisdom and traditional medicine
His daily work is as a healer
Healing the physical and energetic body
Aligning the consciousness
He works in a full medical tradition
The diagnosis and treatment of all injury and disease
A master medical herbalist
In an ancient tradition known and practiced by few
As a martial artist
He teaches the craft and lives the art
A philosophic teacher and poet
A mentor and guide

Working with The Magister

Place your eye in the triangle of
The sacral
Place your vision in the cauldron of the body
Light the fire
Let the eye be filled with fire
Let it rise
The child born of
Logic and intuition is

The master craftsman only can build what they can envision
What they can see in the mind's eye
I can only be what I can perceive
To become I will begin in shifting my perception of my self
I will see my death
I will see my form reduced to ashes
and returned to the earth
Here I will build the new temple of flesh
A master craftsman
I will create the lines faintly so as to form to my new perfection
When the faint picture I perceive is true I will slowly darken the lines day by day
When the skeleton of my becoming is true I will fill the form with my numen
I will now be that which I now perceive and know
All my actions
All my thoughts
All my words
Will fill this form
I have become
I am now what I see

If you wish to work with Magister Daire please proceed to the Discovery Form page and fill in your details.

My life in the past was destructive and chaotic. Magister Daire introduced me to my power. My life now is simple yet abundant. I am in pinnacle health, in both mind and body.

My transformation and the life I now lead is a testament to the work of Magister Daire. There is gold in the application of his wisdom, both philosophical and physical. As his initiate I am proud to stand with him in this great work.


Iggy McGowan

Fighter, Therapist

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