The alignment of intent
To greater purpose
The alignment of will
To greater design
The alignment of attention
To greater action
Are the three steps of alignment of consciousness
The first placement is
The alignment of intent
To greater purpose
To place the eye to the ultimate result
To see the great vision in which the small will contain
To achieve the completion of all
To the greatest effect for all
All tasks are a crucible of alchemy
A temple of transformation
When in the practical task of cleaning
The removal of dirt and return to order of the place being cleansed
When aligned to greater purpose
Removes the blockages and returns the consciousness to order
To beauty and harmony
When dealing in the service of others the resolution of their fear
Once removed in knowledge
Through logic and understanding of the great design
Resolves the fear
The harmony can return
The consciousness can now set to the next step of
The alignment of the will
To the grand design