"Why is the world against me"
She cried.
"You are the world, why are you against your self"
Reflected the master.

There is no thing or one against you
All reflects you in both balance and harmony
Each sound vibrates
Each being sings
Accept and become the vibration or resonate in perfect opposition
What unbalances returns you to harmony
Returns you to your path
In resistance you live in purification
Being transformed in essence until you shift
Until you sit in harmony in unity or opposition

Within the man is the woman
Whispering her wisdom of harmony
To the closed ears of he
It is a nagging voice
To ears open in love
It is the voice of Sophia
Divine wisdom
Whispering the way

Within the woman is the man
Guiding and protecting
In gentle vision
Lighting the path
Yet to the tearful eyes of she
He is a blinding light
Taking her sight
Until she sees the way

The world is not against you
It is you that is against the world
You are the world
Open to the way
The way will open to you