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Learning Self Mastery

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Long ago, beyond time, I lived in a prison, a prison of flesh - divided of spirit and body, eyes obscured by the bars of belief.
Then within the darkest night, an unknown hand passed a map, slipped through the bars of belief. A voice whispered, “Here is the way out, here is the key.” I took the map. I worked in the darkness, I dug deep, I endured, I followed the light. Now I am free.
Now I pass the map, through the bars of your belief. Read it. Work in the darkness, dig deep, follow the light. Be free.

Magister Daire has made available the practical application of lifetimes of his accumulated wisdom for your elevation.
The Learning Self-Mastery online module contains the key to a new life delivered through a wealth of exclusive videos, audio files and tutorials created and spoken by The Magister himself, to you.
Additionally, to supplement your learning and underpin your transformation, you will be added to the exclusive members-only Facebook group where you can interact with others learning from Magister Daire, post questions specific to you, and receive answers from both the Magister and a select few of his trusted associates that have trained under his mentorship and progressed sufficiently to support you.

Those who wish to transform their lives on all levels and in all arenas, look no further - this is the next step.
Those who have taken this step have unanimously reported incredible transformations.
Now, it is your time.

It is a dark road between the old life and the new. Most turn back out of fear. Fear of the dark. Fear not the dark. The darkness is the womb from where new life is born.