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...Testimonials from a range of people whose lives have been transformed through their work with The Magister

Under the direct and indirect tutelage of Magister Daire, my life has been transformed from one of madness into a thing of still and radiant beauty. My health is immaculate, my relationship with the world is powerful and beautiful, I am at peace walking the path I was born to walk. Where fear was once order of the day, stillness, love and power have taken its place. Everyday I thank myself for accepting the gift that Magister Daire was offering and I revel in my newfound bliss. Do not miss an opportunity to work with this man if any part of you calls you to do so. A new life awaits. Thank you Magister

Michael Sunderland

Model, Writer

Having seen a number of doctors and specialists prior to seeing Daire, I spent thousands of dollars just to have each of them tell me 'there is no cure, you'll just have to live with it.'

Daire knew more about my medical history from just looking at me than my own family doctor, and through his guidelines and medicine, was able to cure many conditions I was told I'd have for life.

My life has changed drastically since I began treatment with Daire; both internally and externally. Since helping me, he's gone on to help many of my friends and family and reversed many conditions they too were told were permanent.


Before meeting Magister Daire my life was my enemy. I was overweight and out of control. With Daire's guidance, wisdom, patience and constant correction he helped me rebuild myself and thus my life. Through the discipline of my diet and mind I have learnt now to correct myself. I am grateful for his knowledge which has given me a simple yet perfect life. A life of a gentleman with integrity, honour and power. Salute to you Magister, eternal gratitude.

Paul Bryden

The Cornerman, Boxing - Mind and body disciplines

I live in a world full of potential chaos: high stress levels and corporate level decision making are part of my every day. On average my emotions can be elevated to the highest point or the lowest in a matter of seconds.
To me, finding balance amongst all that I see and feel is incredibly difficult as my work affects my physical and mental health.
It wasn’t until I met Daire that I found the true meaning of balance and stance. His wisdom and teachings have guided me to understand the nature of my existence and how to excel in a world like mine.

This has been the best investment I have made in myself, I no longer think in a positive or negative light, I see with clarity and I know that every moment is perfect.

I now know the power of silence.

Mahan Shishineh

Real Estate

In the last week of August 2011, a week after my 36th birthday, I was given a business card by a man I respected after hobbling into his cafe with an injured back. He said to me with a wink "Paul, give this man a call, he will set you on the right path. He is masterful".

How presumptuous of this man to think I wasn't on the right path. I had it going on, I had my finger on the proverbial pulse of life, at this time all you'd need do is ask me and I would have willingly told you so.

That afternoon I made a phone call that would see my life take the most unexpected turn. After arriving at this man's home, I was greeted at the door by a man of incredible presence. I'd known many men with a presence, however the presence I'd known was born of fear masquerading as fearlessness.

The mixture of calm certainty and gentle strength was puzzling to me and unlike anything I'd experienced before.  He set to work on my back and the conversation quickly moved to that of the pugilistic arts and that of swordsmanship. Being a third generation boxer my mind was blown by this man's knowledge of early pugilism and the combative arts...and many, many truths of the nature of the world and all whom walked upon it.

In this moment I knew this was a man unlike any I'd known. "Please take me on as a student, I must learn what you know" I exclaimed

This man said nothing, in silence he kept working on me for what felt like an eternity before softly saying:

"We can meet for a tea at some stage soon".

For the next year we would meet and I would listen and my frustration and impatience grew. What I now understand is that I had almost a year of simply learning how to listen before this man would ask for a commitment to become a student.

First, I was masterfully guided through the path of building foundation. A two year journey to the edges and depths of all that I've known and not known, being destroyed and reborn, over, and over, and over again. To culminate in being literally brought to my knees by the crop that was born of the seed of lack, dysfunction, anger, violence and dishonour from the life I'd previously known.  I had to control people and things because I had no control over my internal world.

And yet, this man's poise, grace and benevolence was masterful, he taught me the power in reduction, the beauty in simplicity and balance through living from principle.

I once thought I knew what love was, this man grew me up out of the immature ideology of conditions, expectations and control of what I believed love was, and walked me powerfully into the experience of the deepest and richest love of who and what I am, that I for one, never knew was possible in this lifetime.

This man led me to myself to live in power.

This man led me from weakness in all things.

This man exampled to me the only discipline, self-discipline.

This man has taught me of love through being unconditional.

This man has taught me the path of beauty through his gentle strength.

This man I owe my life.

This man is Magister.

Paul Briggs

The Art of Boxing

Magister Gold