In ancient times
I stood and watched
For lifetimes I watched
I saw the way of beauty
I saw the perfection of the world
I saw the spiral within life
One day I ceased to watch
I no longer saw the wonder
I became the wonder
I am the spiral

First came death
Of self and all it knew
In the shadow of death
I became empty
In emptiness
The eye became clear
Form dropped away
Essence was revealed
As the sun set
The darkness unveiled the stars
As my spirit blackened
The darkness revealed my light
Within my light I saw
What was before my eyes

As the one who became the master moved through the door of death to new life
The clear and clean eye of the initiate looked within the mirror
Upon a world of blackness and light
Of expanse and small reflections
The eye saw
The reflection of the eye
The field of stars
Each turning as a fearless wheel
Around the centre
The one reborn beheld the world within their eye
Each a world
Within a world
Yet in peace the eye saw a centre

Around the centre four spheres formed
Between the four
Formed four more
The four became the eight
The centre became the nine
The nine became the spiral

As the spiral turned
The light broke the darkness
It entered the darkness
The darkness surrendered to the light
The darkness consumed the light
The two became the one
The child of the world was born

The child became the water
The water became the earth
The earth in death became green
The green became a fire and was beauty
Beauty became a breath
The breath became a serpent
The serpent became the spiral of the world
The stars reflected upon the earth
The master reflected the earth