Our life is created by the choices and energy of our thoughts and actions
Many of these patterns having begun years and lives before
We are like a divine projector, the mind and the thoughts we hold are the film
The spirit and the numen (energy) that runs through our body project that image into creation
We are born from an unlimited spirit into a limited form, the limited form has the vehicle of the ego
That ego is an energetic form of the powers we have chosen to experience in this life, one point on the circle of our many lives
In most the ego begins to think it is all, an actor believing its role to be true
When the ego loses touch with eternity it becomes a mad, paranoid king who believes it rules the world
Once the ego is conscious and sees itself as part of an eternal whole it becomes a wise king who seeks to serve the grail
The total spirit it is but a small aspect of, and begins to draw its wisdom from the Cor the energetic heart, not the emotions but the combination of the mind and the intuition
The Cor can be seen as the golden child born from the union of our God (logic) and our Goddess (intuition)
The Cor, or the energetic heart, is the area of the solar plexus that feeds the cauldron or grail below at the sacral
A wise king or queen serving the grail

The ego cries
"I can not"
The spirit whispers
The ego stammers
"I do not know how"
The spirit whispers
The ego screams
"I will fail"
The spirit whispers
The ego whimpers
"Stop telling me what to do"
The spirit whispers
"Be silent"
The ego whispers
"When will it end"
The spirit laughs