The art of mars
The craft of primal boxing
Fencing with the empty hand
Is an ancient combative alchemy
Evolving from the ancient weapons traditions
Traveling and being reborn through
Renaissance sword and dagger
Each technique can be seen as a primal weapon
That reveals a principle of mastered movement
Reflective of the geomantic world
Embodying the pattern of transformation that runs through all things
Known in
The spiral
The circled cross
And the eight paths of transformation
The hook is an axe
The axe is both short and long
It is executed in a stationary circular movement
The warrior neither moves forward nor backwards from his stance
He moves as a spiral within his stance
Accomplishing all where he stands
A horizontal fist is a short axe
On the inside
A vertical fist is a long axe
On the outside
Moving around and between guard
In primal boxing
Hooks to the upper body are thrown with a vertical fist
Or with an upturn fist like an uppercut
The vertical fist of both the jab and the hook are used to slip between the guard
The tension and release of the chest muscles with the shoulder muscles develops the hook as an explosive full body release
Just as the relaxation of the chest loads the cross
And the hips drop to deliver the jab
You tense the chest and shoulder together to deliver the hook
Tension must be in harmonic balance with relaxation
But masterful tension is conscious
When conscious it becomes a power
When it is an unconscious reaction from fear
It erodes the power
The fear itself becomes locked within the body
Freezing the response and disabling the ability
Rigidity is the death of movement
The rigidity of movement brings death
In both mind and body
Movement is life
The mastery of movement
Is the mastery of life