All who have lived
Are within us all
The pure spirit
Is full of the many
The modern man
Tries to destroy
The primitive soul within him
But the most primitive is pure
It will destroy him from within
To lovingly return him to the earth
To return again
As the descendant
You are your ancestor
Within the blood
The spirit of ancestor
Lives within
The spirit of place
Lives within
The spirit of the time
Lives within
The spirit of soul
One with these
Lives now
A being of the moment
Without past
Without future
Dressed in the flesh of now
The soul forms in each incarnation
Spirit is eternal
All souls exist eternally beyond time
So the previous place of incarnation can not limit the present incarnation
Only the development of the spirit within the soul limits from its own development
Creating a story of separation only limits the development of the present soul consciousness
The spirit is the eternal centre
The soul is a facet in incarnation
It is this incarnation in an essence
A part of the eternal whole finding itself through a specific manifestation
Who you are is a creation of what you are
The soul is the shape your spirit has chosen to complete within and through in this incarnation
When all ideas of what it is are stripped away the true essence is seen
It is nothing but itself
It reveals its self
It is revealed in living
In living what you are
In creating who you are
The sun appears to be born anew
The moon appears to become new
The world appears to change
Principles of energy are unchanged
Knowledge is of the principles
The sun is not new because it rises
Knowledge is not new because you have awoken from your sleep
As there is one sun in this world
There are many suns in the universe
Each world has its own sun
Each life its own soul
Our one eternal spirit
The watcher
Inhabits a number of souls
Beyond the perception of time
Consciousness is placed in this one
There is one soul in this life
The energetic counterpart of the physical body
The consciousness of eternal spirit retreats upon death
To enter into new energetic body
The sun of that life
The soul
The vehicle for the eternal spirit
To inhabit in this life
Inhabiting many beyond time
In a web of eternal consciousness