As a young boy
At night
Over and again
I saw a vision
A vision of a man
Dressed in black
Within his pupils
I saw many constellation
His feet were like roots
Deep within the earth
Cradled to his heart
Was a dark and ancient book
"Who are you" I spoke from within
He spoke silent three words
As he tapped the book three times
For years the words remained
One night as young man
Alone in the wilderness
The three words echoed
From the mouth of the darkness
"You are who"

When a vision is seen
In the mind's eye
It is a mere shadow
Upon the theatre of the skull
Primal knowledge in pure essence
A facet of light
Enters the eye
Illuminates the body
The vision seen is only the product of an energetic shift
The essence is a seed
Planted within the consciousness
It unfolds of a lifetime
In intuitions
Through dreams and great visions
Slowly it unfolds
To guide the soul
Through a new colour
Back to the oneness of spirit

The stone is taken
The stone is shaped
Cut away from
To form a vision
Yet the vision was always there
Within the stone
The stone itself was the art
Holding infinite vision
The art formed from the stone
Will never equal the unmanifest beauty
Held within the infinite
The stone is the art