The hand of lore is the head of a serpent
It resides coiled within the earth
Within the blood
It is known as mastery
Only within the flesh
The wisdom of movement
In dance and combative arts is a microcosm of the universe
The daily earthy movements of life are returned to and realised within the source
The warrior forms the five fingers of the hand into a fist
The dancer realises life upon the five digits of the foot
Hand and foot articulate the five principles of lore
The Stance - the unity of opposing internal energies in balance and harmony
The Agility - the relaxation of balance in the knowledge of universal harmony, the moving stance, conscious response
The Flow - the internally unified opposites now unified with the external opposite. For the warrior, the adversary; for the dancer, the music
The Power - the energy of the one with the whole in a release of focused intent
The Spirit - the source in breath and attention through all that is done
All that is done as one