You have been told of a sacred plant giving power and knowledge
Deep in a wilderness
Many have claimed to have been into the forest
Some have claimed to have seen the plant
But none can prove their claim and it is not seen in the hands
And none exhibit the power or knowledge
Only the power of imagination
Among the people you have found one guide to take you to the edge of the wilderness
He takes you to the edge of the forest
You brave your way across the threshold
There you see man with a strange flower in his hand
You walk past the stranger
Following the words and beliefs of those who have never seen the wilderness
You can not see the master in the wilderness
The master calls to you
But you can not hear
Your ears are full of your own words
Your eyes are blind to your own beliefs
Fear drives you back to the edge of the wilderness
To return to the ordinary life
Waiting for the master to come into your world
To take you back to the wilderness
Called by the perfume of the strange flower