The philosophical fist is the wisdom of the warrior
A consciousness of harmonious conflict
Founded in the knowledge of the perfection of all flow
When situated within stance and balance
The balance of the mind within the body
The balance of the body reflective of the mind
Harmony is the nature of the world
The world moves through destruction to creation always in the restoration of balance
The philosophical fist is the art of conflicting reflective harmony
Conflict in purity being the friction to generate fire
The friction of sexual union generates the fire of physical exhilaration
Culminating in the conception and birth of a new being
Conflict is pure
It is only the thought held within the mind that colours the energy of the conflict
The open hand of giving
Closes to receive
But once the heart of power
The solar plexus is open
All is received in a fluid perpetual circle
A static spiral
Yet still all things open and close
The fist closes to unify all fingers
With the foundation of the thumb
The mind closes to this world
To open to the silence within
That holds all
The empty mind yields in feminine receptivity
To receive the light of knowledge that is born from the mother of wisdom
Once received
The wisdom of the mother manifests in the physical knowledge of this life
The physical knowledge once applied returns to the consciousness as personal wisdom
The philosophical fist is the unification of the energetic principle through physical action
The mastery of movement
Transformation of consciousness through all aspects of life
Just as the fingers appear separate they are unified through the foundation of the hand
Nothing is separate
Yet the eye separates to complete within the part
Completing the part to unify the whole
To master a task one must master the basics
One principle mastered births many skills
One skill mastered births a thousand techniques
The hand is the tool of creation
The eye is the creator
The mind is the master builder
The flesh and body of matter is the creation
Created in flesh
Through the reflection of spirit
The perfection of flesh transforming the spirit
The fire transforms the fire
The wisdom transforms the fist
The fist transforms the warrior