"Who are you?"
Said She
"I am one that has stepped out of the darkness from the aeons.
Formed in ancient action, seeded in ancient thought"
Replied the Master
"What are you?"
Whispered She
"I am the eternal artist, forever in creation"
Returned the Master

To begin one must realise
To realise one must manifest
The thought to earth
You are born of spirit
To form the essence of the spirit in earth
To look into the divine mirror
The reflection of aeons of living creation
Each life shaping the seed of the next
Each seed holding the essence of all seeds
To realise what you are
The artist in eternal creation

Uttered She, in the habit of lifetimes.
"Being is without meaning, the work of the artist is the meaning.
The alchemy of creation, the fire of transformation."
Spoke the Master, in the realisation of aeons

All meaning dissolves
In the turning of the spiral
As truth shifts in revolutionary perception
One sees
As one acts
The other mirrors in reflective consciousness
The artist forms his creation
In the flesh of the world

"Where have you come from?"
Spoke She
The Master continued
"What I am now is all
Who I once was, where I came from
Is nothing
Only what I hold within,
What I live
Only in the spirit, manifest in flesh
In the here and now
The rest is a dream"

I know what I am
I create who I am
I arrive fully formed in flesh
Fully formed in my ancient will
I am the sum of all my actions
I am the essence of all thought
From first breath
From moment of incarnation
What I am is realisation
Yet realisation is realised
Only in the flesh
I know what I am
I create who I am
In mastery
In knowledge of my nature
In wisdom of all nature
Within a small circle
Through the discipline of limitation
I transform the great circle
This world
My world